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Our services provide strategic and tangible results topped with success.

Big Vision Marketing

Big Vision Marketing

We work with you to develop and implement strategies that will expand your brand, increase your influence, and achieve your goals.

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Big Vision Media

Big Vision Media

Successful media planning is more than just producing a show and a good rate. You also need clearly defined goals and objectives plus a media plan that achieves them.

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Big Vision Resources

Big Vision Resources

Big Vision Advisors offers a wide variety of options for designing, publishing, distributing, selling and promoting your #1 NY Times Bestseller or simple brochure.

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Big Vision Speakers

Big Vision Speakers

Words change lives. Invite one of our team members to inspire your congregation, motivate your volunteers or ignite passion in your staff.

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What Others Have to Say

Don't take our word for it. Those who know us best can speak for themselves.

Duncan & Jeff are uniquely gifted to meet the needs of any organization seeking to increase their influence and impact. They will help you create and articulate a clear strategy that will help accelerate and fulfill your vision.
— James Robison // President & Founder, LIFE Outreach International

Duncan is “the great expeditor.” His expertise and heart are second to none. His contribution and influence in this ministry is generational. Lakewood Church would not be where it is today were it not for him.

— Joel Osteen // Lakewood Church & Joel Osteen Ministries

Duncan is a valuable asset to any organization wanting their reach and influence to grow. He brings a creative dynamic to the workplace that is timely and relevant. Duncan is one of those rare, strong and engaging communicators with a proven ability to succeed. — Flip Flippen // Chairman, The Flippen Group

Duncan is one of those rare individuals that has both natural sales and natural marketing abilities. He has a skill to quickly look at any situation, develop a strategy that will produce better results and then effectively execute it. He has always produced results. — Rodney Whitson // Vice President, Innovative Resources

Duncan has a unique gift of balancing vision and process. He is an energetic and gifted communicator who can paint a clear picture of a preferred future and then take you on a journey of unpacking the process to realize the vision.

— Stephen Trammel // Executive Pastor, Champion Forest Baptist Church

Duncan Dodds is one of the best strategic thinkers and implementers I have ever met. His passion for his work is matched by his dedication to those he serves. He is results oriented, puts the interests of those around him first and has always been upfront, honest and straightforward. — Terry Redmon // Partner, InProv Ltd.

Duncan is an innovative and thoughtful executive–always able to quickly understand situations and help us get answers. He is a creative marketer, a hard worker, great leader and delightful to work with because of all his positive energy.

— Dominick Anfuso // VP, Editor-in-Chief, Simon & Schuster

Jeff Audus is a man of great vision & integrity. His knowledge & servant heart sets him apart. I totally endorse any  endeavors  he is involved in. He is a success & will bring success & I’m excited by the next phase of his journey of the establishment of this new company Big Vision Advisors. — Russell Evans // Planetshakers

Jeff Audas has numerous connections at the highest levels of influence in ministry, sports, and business. His sole motivation in networking people together is to be a blessing and build the kingdom of God. He is a person of great integrity whose word is his bond. — Marcus Lamb // Founder – President, Daystar Television Network

In my opinion Jeff is one of the wisest and most insightful men that I know. I call him often for counsel, for ideas, and just to catch up.  Jeff and his family are above reproach and  faithful servants committed to the work of the Lord.

— David Uth // Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Orlando

I whole-heartedly recommend Jeff Audas to any Christian organization that is serious about reaching people and growing the body of Christ.  There is no project too big or small. Jeff is someone that will get it done with integrity and excellence every time. — Jordan Easley // Multi-Site Pastor & Teaching Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church

Jeff’s gift is to help others fully identify, develop and deploy themselves into their own personal assignment. His understanding of how vision, combined with clear strategic thinking, is a miraculous combination.

— Dr. Chris Hill // Senior Pastor, The Potter’s House of Denver

It is really a testament of Duncan’s leadership and integrity when I can look back on 5 years of working under him and say that I am a better person for it. Duncan is a decisive and sincere leader. He understands what it means to have authority, and to be under authority. — Jason Madding // Marketing Director, Joel Osteen Ministries

Duncan is extremely knowledgeable and very creative in his thinking. He has always gone above and beyond in making projects successful. He has a unique ability to solve any problem. Most importantly, Duncan is one of the most honest men and one with the upmost integrity. — Bob Klenk // Vice President, Cross Media Group

  • James Robison
  • Joel Osteen
  • Flip Flippen
  • Rodney Whitson
  • Stephen Trammel
  • Terry Redmon
  • Dominick Anfuso
  • Russell Evans
  • Marcus Lamb
  • David Uth
  • Jordan Easley
  • Dr. Chris Hill
  • Jason Madding
  • Bob Klenk

Meet the Team

We are ready to turn your vision into a reality

Duncan Dodds

Duncan Dodds

President, CEO

  • Extraversion over Introversion 78%
  • Intuition over Sensing 38%
  • Thinking over Feeling 38%
  • Judging over Perceiving 56%
Jeff Audas

Jeff Audas


  • Extraversion over Introversion 6%
  • Intuition over Sensing 19%
  • Feeling over Thinking 6%
  • Judging over Perceiving 78%