What Does the Mickey Mouse 6 Commandments Mean to You?

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Few lessons from Disney’s success can help you more than “Mickey Mouse’s Commandments.” Laid down by Marty Sklar when he was president of Disney’s Imagineering Division, the commandments are intended to guide building and space designers but apply to everything from your church entrances to your letterheads and your sermons:

  1. Wear your guest’s shoes; don’t forget the human factor.
  2. Create a visual centerpiece that will draw people to it.
  3. Avoid overload.
  4. Tell one story at a time.
  5. Avoid visual contradictions; maintain a consistent identity.
  6. Keep it up. (Even the slightest thing out of order will diminish the experience)

Take a walk around your company, school or church, record and listen to one of your own straff meetings, be a guest at one of your small group gatherings. Could you be better by applying Mickey Mouse’s Commandments?

Do you attend a lot of conferences? Are you continually inspired by the success of others only to return home – faced with limited resources, an over worked team and the limited time to implement all the ideas that are in your heart?

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Big Vision provides ready to use resources for:

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We recognize that your organization has a unique personality and culture, but the principles and resources we provide hold true regardless of size or location.

For nearly 30 years our team has worked with visionary in a multitude of industries from all around the world. We are driven by our passion for making an impact in our world and the lives of the people we serve.

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