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Duncan Dodds
  • Extraversion over Introversion 78%
  • Intuition over Sensing 38%
  • Thinking over Feeling 38%
  • Judging over Perceiving 56%

Duncan Dodds

President, CEO

Duncan has over 30 years of marketing, media, ministry and leadership development experience. He is currently Managing Partner of Big Visions Advisors, LLC, a company that provides marketing and growth strategy solutions to organizations in a variety of industries including healthcare, entertainment, financial services, technology and nonprofit. Over the years he has served organizations and ministries all around the world including Joel Osteen, Hillsong, Joseph Prince, Dr. Ed Young, Jesus Culture, Walk in the Word, Inc. Magazine, Disney, Nest Entertainment and Hidden Hunger Global.

Duncan served as Chief of Staff and Executive Director for what is considered the largest and fastest growing ministry in America, Lakewood Church & Joel Osteen Ministries. Joel referred to him as “The Great Expediter.” Duncan managed day-to-day operations and developed the strategies that have made Joel Osteen a household name. Duncan was instrumental in the acquisition of the Compaq Center, that now serves as Lakewood’s worship center. He aided negotiations, development and the launch of two of the largest book publishing deals in history and created Joel Osteen’s Night of Hope events, that have reached millions of people in arenas all around the world.

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Jeff Audas
  • Extraversion over Introversion 6%
  • Intuition over Sensing 19%
  • Feeling over Thinking 6%
  • Judging over Perceiving 78%

Jeff Audas


Jeff Audas is Senior Partner with Big Vision Advisors, LLC. He is without question “the great connector.” Jeff has deep relationships at the highest levels of influence in ministry, sports and business. He has an intentional, infectious and unselfish way to connect individuals and organizations to accomplish great things.

Before joining Big Vision, Jeff was Co-Founder of Team Impact Ministries. For over 20 years Jeff’s passion has been winning souls and motivating young people to live lives of excellence. Jeff has coordinated and led teams in over 2000 crusades in the largest churches across the US and around the world. Jeff has been involved in motivating young people through the local church and school assembly programs nationwide. Team Impact speaks in over 500 school assemblies each and every year. Through these combined efforts Jeff has seen over 1 million people give there lives to Christ.

While with Team Impact Jeff had a weekly television show that aired on TBN for over 12 years.  Jeff has also been a guest on numerous television programs and networks including TBN, Daystar, Life Today and CBN.

Jeff is a man of passion and deep conviction. His ability to understand your vision and provide clear strategic thinking is a powerful combination.

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