2023 Instagram Algorithm – Understand The Latest Updates



Have you ever said this? Chances are, you’ve probably been frustrated recently with Instagram’s algorithm. It feels like us content creators keep strategizing and executing great content, yet we’re handcuffed by the platforms algorithm. So, what can we do about it? How do we solve this problem?


We all know the Instagram algorithm is ever-changing, which is why it’s important to stay on top of the latest changes in order to maximize your influence on the platform. One of the reasons why Instagram’s algorithm is so confusing to understand is because each element in the platform contains a different ranking – reels, carousels, and stories all operate differently!

While there is so “guaranteed” way to beat the algorithm, it is possible to create a content strategy that coincides with the algorithm’s latest methodology so your content can be most effective to your audience and maintain the greatest impact for them by reaching the top of their feed. 

Back in the day, Instagram used to sort your content chronologically. While this felt like a normal content sequence, it actually provided a much more random, disconnected user experience because the audience’s feed wasn’t filtered according to interest or content category. However, Instagram noticed that if users weren’t seeing content they liked or wanted, they would spend less time in the app so their primary goal has centered around one main thing – keeping people inside the app.

CONTENT CREATORS & MARKETERS – This is important to know because this should be the filter through which we create content. Ask yourself: Is this content REAL (relevant, engaging, authentic, and likeable) enough to keep a person inside the app for just a little bit longer? 

If your answer is yes, then your content is most likely in the higher regions of your audience’s feeds.


Keeping this in mind, now we can discuss what the best strategies are that can help you work with the algorithm and not against it!

  • Remember Quality. Quality beats quantity every time! Don’t just post something to post it. Make sure that the content you are posting adds value to your audience and keeps them on the app just a little bit longer. The algorithm is looking for this!
  • Reels Reels Reels. Instagram is still gunning for TikTok’s space so their internal teams are investing a lot of resources and energy into perfecting the “reels” experience. Consistency posting creative reels is an easy way to increase discovery inside the app.
  • Get Inside Your Follower’s World. Make sure to not just post when it works for you, but analyze when your followers are online the most. OPT (optimal posting time) is critically important to the success of any post because you want your followers to see it and engage with it. Again, this is the type of behavior the algorithm will reward!


In 2023, Instagram is now operating with an algorithm that ranks posts based on what users care about most, rather than following a chronological content flow. They switched to this strategy after discovering that people were missing 70% of posts from close connections. So, how does this algorithm actually work? We’re glad you asked! Here is a snapshot:

Instagram’s Algorithm uses “signals.” Key signals include: 

    • Information about the post – This is more about the content itself, like how many people like the post, video length, location, etc. 
    • Information about the person who posted it – This helps classify whether this account would be of interest to you. They look into historical data like how many posts of theirs you’ve liked. 
    • Your activity – Helps to understand what interests you and what posts you tend to like in general. 
    • Your history of interacting with someone – Identifies how interested you are in seeing posts from a particular person or account. An example would be your level of engagement, like if you comment on each other’s posts. 
    • Feed and Stories base itself on friends or the accounts you engage with most, while Explore and Reels are for finding relevant topics based on trends, interests, etc. 
    • The Explore Page shares content based on what types of content you like in general. It will showcase content from accounts with similar content to an account you already follow and engage with. 
    • Maximizing video is important, but Reels won’t boost your reach alone. Make sure to utilize all types of content in order to increase your chances of discovery. 
    • Instagram verification is for accounts that are most likely to deal with impersonation and verification bases itself on press mentions. This is why you may have a difficult time getting verified. 

We hope this provided valuable insights for you and your team as you head into this new year. Let’s be intentional about working WITH the algorithm in 2023 to make this the most success year yet!