Creating new content and getting fresh ideas can be challenging sometimes, especially when you’re busy in the hustle and bustle of executing all of your Creative Team’s normal responsibilities. That’s where creating some “think space” in your calendar to ideate and to review new inspiration becomes important to your team’s innovative execution.

We want to help take the pressure off, so we’ve curated some content inspo for your team! Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for this week

Why Video Content



People love contests and free giveaways! If your pastor has written a book, your worship team has released an album, or you have any other brand-specific products on deck, use this post as an opportunity to generate engagement, promote brand/product awareness, and simply bless your followers. For example, you could have your followers tag someone they think would be blessed to receive the giveaway, and you can give away that product to both the person who commented and the person they tagged. 

Bonus: you can maximize this content opportunity to create a follow up post as a behind-the-scenes reel highlighting the process of your team sending this free to gift to the winner, the winner receiving it, and the winner smiling/sharing how much the item blessed them. 


Stats show that people still love text posts, especially carousel posts that ADD VALUE. Take this opportunity to engage your audience by posting your sunday morning message recap in carousel form, or highlighting “5 things to do when you start to feel anxiety this week”. Carousels are the perfect place to educate, inform, and explain specific concepts/topics to your audience in a visually appealing way. 


Switch things up a bit and have your pastor or a staff member “take over” your social media for a day. Have them show your audience some fun, behind-the-scenes or a-day-in-the-life footage (like glimpses into a creative team meeting, lunch breaks with the staff, sermon prepping, etc). This is a fun way to create engaging content and to help your audience feel more connected to your pastor/staff members.


Memes, memes, memes… Everybody loves a good laugh, and memes are the tried and true way to get your audience laughing and engaged. You can create a meme out of something your Pastor said on sunday, a relatable feeling, or a funny Bible joke… Check out Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Friday Funday memes for some inspo: