YouTube SHORTS: Ideas of the Week


Last week we talked about what YouTube Shorts are, why you should be using them, and how they can take your social media strategy to the NEXT LEVEL.

Now that we have a better understanding about what they are and how they work, let’s jump into some practical ways you can execute shorts in your content creation plan this week! 



Many people come to your weekend experiences but they have no idea what all goes into making church happen! This is a fun idea that your team can execute this weekend, especially if your “auditorium” requires set up and tear down. By creating a behind the scenes Short that highlights the “before” and “after” experience of a Sunday service, you are not only able to give your congregation an inside glimpse into who you are/what you do, you are also able to make the people who are a part of your set up/tear down them feel loved and appreciated. It’s a win-win!


Never underestimate how much people care to know about what’s happening in your life! Shooting a “Monday Mini Vlog” is a great way for pastors to share their personal lives with their church members outside of the pulpit. Have your pastor film a short vlog about his or her typical Monday – they can highlight their morning routine, the meetings they attends during the day, the revelations they are receiving from the Lord, and end it by including a fun preview of something the family is doing together that night. This content idea is also a great opportunity to add value to people (ex: highlight the importance of discipline, leadership lessons, family principles, etc). This vlog can serve a very multi-faceted purpose, all while engaging your audience on a deeper level!


Everyone could use a little help on hump day, so why not give your people content that will feed not only their timeline, but also their spirits?! You can create a mashup of your favorite worship songs that your church sang this month, OR, if your church has produced a worship album – highlight some of your favorite songs on the record! This is a great way to create brand awareness for your worship team, serve your audience valuable content that can help them throughout their week, and engage your followers with diverse content.


The data doesn’t lie – depression rates are skyrocketing and “quiet quitting” is at an all time high. People are desperate for HOPE, and we have the greatest message ever told. Never underestimate the power of simply sharing hope to a hurting world. Have your pastor or a member of your team record a short, personal word of encouragement. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you and through you. This may look like sharing a scripture verse, a recent revelation, a personal story, or a hopeful reminder to stay faithful this Friday and to finish the week strong! You will add value to people’s lives, which ALWAYS has a positive ROI!