How TikTok Ranks Content

TikTok is inherently a great place to learn, experiment, and gather content inspiration for your other channels.

Its uniquely formulated TikTok feed, the For You Page (FYP), will ensure your content reaches your intended audience. Using industry-specific hashtags or hashtags that relate to your niche will help you end up on a potential customer’s FYP. You can also use TikTok’s advertising manager to boost your TikTok posts, which will result in higher engagement for your organic TikTok content. 

Why Video Content

Three Factors that affect how TikTok ranks your content


User Activity, which refers to the video’s caption, sounds, and hashtags used when shared. 


User Interaction, which is how users engage with their feed, such as liking, sharing, commenting, the accounts they follow, and what kinds of videos they post.


Device and Account Settings, which take language preference, location, and device type into account. It helps ensure content performance optimization.