Creating content, especially video content, takes time, energy, and creative brain space. Most creators and social media managers tend to be reactive, rather than pro-active when it comes to recording and creating content. It feels like everyday there’s a new video to film and a new piece of content to edit. This is why we want to introduce you to your new best friend: batch filming

Why Video Content


Batch filming is a strategy used by creators to film multiple pieces of video content at one time. This allows the creator to increase efficiency, maximize productivity, and maintain strategy. You can save set up/strike time because you’re generating multiple assets from one single recording session. You can also maximize your team’s productivity because it takes significant brain space to switch from one task to the next. Batch filming allows your team to hone in on the project at hand and deliver thoughtful work, rather than rushing to get a video created, edited, and posted immediately on social. Batch filming gives your team breathing room to thoughtfully create a film plan that is in line with your overall strategy, and execute in single, focused, content creation session. So, let’s begin!

Before your batch filming session, create an outline for the assets you want to create. You can pull content inspo from our Social Insider Blog (see our Let’s Get Real about Reels post for some ideas) or from content your team has in the queue to film. Make sure to review your social content calendar to see when/where the videos you will be creating align in your overall strategy.

Once you’ve decided on the topic/theme of your video, consider the logistics for the video concept. Are you creating a short-form or long-form video? What backdrops do you need? Are you shooting with an iPhone, DSLR, or both? Who needs to be in the video? What trending audios or sound concepts do you want to use? Make note of all these items in your batch session notes. This will save time during post-production and keep your team focused while editing each piece of content. 

Now you’re ready to film! Depending on your team’s bandwidth, you can knock out as many videos during this batch session as you want. People can knock out up to a month or more of content in just one session! This will save you time in the long run.

Once all the videos are filmed, you can schedule a batch editing session with your team, or assign a post-production schedule according to your content calendar needs. 

Batch filming is a game changer for creators and can help take your social content to the next level! Discuss these tips with your team and schedule your next batch filming session for this month… we promise, this content creation strategy will become your new best friend!