Why Video Content?

Video content is becoming an increasingly powerful source of content for virtually all social media platforms. Chances are you’ve consumed, produced, or contributed to a piece of video content and its impact, specifically on social media platforms, is consistently on the rise. As video content platforms continue to grow in significance and in impact, we must ask ourselves as marketers and brand experts:

What does this mean for YOU?

Why Video Content

This means that if you want to create shareable content that continues to increase brand awareness, engage your followers, and build a powerful online community, your social media strategy needs to maximize on video content. This includes staying on top of the latest video trends, organizing and managing your video content for multiple platforms, and repurposing macro content into micro content that maximizes its overall impact. 

When it comes to tackling TikTok, it’s important to know that with more than 1 billion active monthly users, it’s the perfect platform to build community and brand awareness due to its innate viral nature. TikTok is inherently a great place to learn, experiment, and gather content inspiration for your other channels. Unlike more polished platforms, TikTok is a space to create lofi content that’s less curated, more timely, and always authentic. While TikTok is regarded as the Gen Z app, its impact and appeal spans multiple generations. So, regardless of who your target audience is, there is a niche for them on this platform and ways for them to connect with you on it.