One of the most important elements to an effective social media post is the COPY in its caption.

Copy play a crucial role in the way that your audience understands, engages, and ultimately responds to your content. Because short-form content is well, short, captions become the place to say what you can’t say in shorter videos. That is why crafting copy with key objectives in mind is important.

Why Video Content


CTA’s are “call to actions” that drive your audience towards your overall intended objective. If you’re trying to drive traffic to a specific website, be sure to include that link in your bio (include the details in your caption – for example: “link in bio”) and maximize the stickers feature in instagram stories so your audience can easily click through.

Boost engagement by asking targeted questions in your caption that get conversations going in your comments section. Don’t forget to engage in two-way symmetrical communication with your followers by liking their comments and responding appropriately to each comment so your audiences feels heard and cared for. This also helps the algorithm rank your content higher in your audience’s feed.

Don’t forget to keep your copy creative! An easy way to do this is include EMOJIS 😆👏🏼👀 Emojis are create substitute for words and help bring stronger emotions into your captions.

Struggling to include some creative CTA’s in your captions? We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our favorites. Plug and play these in your captions this week!


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